Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Work at train station progresses

Work at the Elizabethtown train station is progressing, starting again today after a holiday break for the contractor.

All of the shoring work for Phase I has been completed. There will be no need for track outages until after the Christmas holiday. The next track outage is planned for the week between Christmas and New Year's Day for the installation of the platform planks on the north side. The borough and the contractor remind train riders to adhere to the signs directing them to the proper platform during this track switch.

Work in a wide range of areas is continuing. Water, sewer and electric service trenching has been completed as well. Conduit was set in place for the gas service to the train station building, but UGI Utilities has not performed the work as of today. The trailer for the construction management firm was set in place in front of the station this past week. Hazardous materials abatement will conclude inside the station building once the proper permits have been received for the disposal of these materials.

In the weeks ahead, additional site storm sewer work will continue. The footings for the temporary steps on both sides of the platform have been poured. Weather permitting, the new slate roof on the building should be installed before the end of the year. Demolition of the exterior piers on the platform will be performed in December.

The borough and the construction manager are fielding shop drawings and submittals on a routine basis on a host of items for the project. All parties, including our contractor and Amtrak, are communicating effectively and coordinating the work to improve the overall project schedule.

Finally, borough officials has provided Amtrak with the architectural renderings for the project to display in the kiosks on the platform. The renderings were available at open houses held in late summer -- if you didn't see the views of the new platform then, this will give you a glimpse of the finished project.

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  1. And the platform outages aren't a problem for us commuters at least. There is ample signage and you literally have to jump over a four foot board to go onto the wrong platform.


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