Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More track outages start at train station

Train riders at the Elizabethtown Train Station may have noticed track outages that started yesterday. The outages are in effect for the north side platform until Jan. 8.

As occurred last month, the outages will occur between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. so the contractor can  install platform decking for the newly extended platform. Signs are posted to direct train riders to the proper platform during the outage.

Work is progressing on schedule and significant progress is expected in the months ahead. The south side platform decking installation is scheduled for Jan. 11 to 15.  All of the work is weather permitting.  Once the decking has been put in place and the temporary stairs erected, then work will proceed on the main portions of the existing platform.

Work continues inside the train station building. Hazardous materials such as asbestos have been removed, and the new floor in the basement of the building has been poured. Work is proceeding to shore the floor joists for the first floor. Roofing work will continue with the installation of a completely new slate roof that will match the former roof in style and construction.

PARKING NOTE:  The borough and Susquehanna Wagman Associates have signed an agreement that will permit riders to use the rear of the Sycamore Square commercial development for temporary parking during the train station construction project. Ninety spaces have been set aside for use by riders provided that the riders obey the designated parking areas and respect the property. Signs will be erected that specify the areas that are designated for temporary parking (those spaces closest to Bainbridge Street behind the vacant commercial properties).

In addition, two-hour parking signs will be installed on Masonic Drive in front of the commercial properties to preclude daily parking by train riders. Parking in front of the Sycamore Square development impacts the customers and staff of the tenant occupying the building closest to the train station. The borough will be responsible for snow plowing in the lot during the construction period.  Vehicles and items in the vehicles are the sole responsibility of the owners and neither of Susquehanna Wagman Associates nor the borough.

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