Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Incumbent councilmen running unopposed for re-election

Three members of Elizabethtown Borough Council are up for re-election this year, including the author of this blog, and all three are running unopposed, according to the Lancaster County Board of Elections.

Phil Clark, who is currently president of council and represents Ward 3; and Tom Shaud, who is vice president and represents Ward 1; and Jeff McCloud representing Ward 2, all filed petitions to be placed on the May 17 primary ballot.

All three were elected in 2007. At the time, then-Borough Manager Pete Whipple said there had never been such a large turnover of council members.

I can only speak for myself as to why I am running for another term. It has been a privilege to serve Elizabethtown as a member of Borough Council. I continue to believe that Elizabethtown is a great community, and I want to ensure that it is an even better place for the next generation.

Even as the country has faced a dire recession, we on Borough Council have worked hard to keep the town moving forward. Among the things I'm proudest of, we secured $9 million in funding from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act to improve the Elizabethtown Train Station -- a project that by all accounts has been great for town. The entire project should be completed this spring.

We have overseen a smooth transition in our administration from a long-time borough manager by promoting our assistant. She has done a great job assembling a new team and working with the staff to ensure that the borough's business continues without interruption.

Over the last few years, we have met with our counterparts in West Donegal and Mount Joy townships to discuss issues that impact everyone in the Elizabethtown area. In fact, Conoy Township has joined the Elizabethtown Area Regional Authority with the other municipalities so all of us can work on implementing recommendations from a regional comprehensive plan approved last year. Working together is an important step for the entire community because what happens in one area has an impact on other areas -- and it's important for us to discuss issues openly and come to consensus on the solutions.

As I complete the fourth year of my first term on Borough Council, I am excited about the possibilities for Elizabethtown. There's more work to do, and I plan to do my best to ensure that we do it responsibly, cost effectively and keep the long-term interests the borough and the region in mind.

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