Friday, September 9, 2011

State of emergency remains in effect

Officials in Elizabethtown Borough issued the following news release this morning:

A state of emergency remains in effect for Elizabethtown Borough. Flood waters have receded, but residual damages have presented hazards.  These include some sidewalk areas. Residents are urged to use caution in their travel and other activities. South Chestnut Street between Park Street and East Bainbridge Street sustained flood damage and remains closed. All other streets are open to traffic at this time. During the peak of the flooding, the borough’s sanitary sewer collection system experienced significant impact in flow by flood waters, causing sewer backup at some residences. Residents should take care to thoroughly clean residue in all impacted areas. The Borough is not responsible for this cleanup. Residents should check with their homeowners insurance policies to see if assistance may be available. There are no plans for a borough-wide power outage at this time. Residents should call 367-1700 for emergency dumpster permits should they be required for cleanup.

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