Monday, January 23, 2012

Borough cops name Shane Deardorff 2011 Officer of the Year

Police officers in the Elizabethtown Police Department selected Shane M. Deardorff as the 2011 Officer of the Year. He was honored at the Jan. 19 Borough Council meeting.

Dearforff is the first officer to have received the honor twice. He also was named the 2006 Officer of the Year.

In 2011, Officer Deardorff oversaw the police department's Field Training Officer program after the borough hired two new officers. He also completed the training of a third officer who was hired in 2010.

The FTO program is designed to mold fresh-out-of-the-academy police officers through an intense 8- to 16-week program, teaching them everything that is expected of them. This includes the most routine tasks to the most dangerous situations. Deardorff has expanded the program and developed into a model.

"The administration of the FTO program is very demanding," said police Chief Jack Mentzer. "It requires daily documentation, patience and one-on-one evaluation and feedback. Those tasks are in addition to his normal duties as a police officer. He is very conscientious and thorough in every facet of the job."

Deardorff's work in the FTO program was underscored at the Borough Council meeting when three of the four new officers attended to show their support.

In addition to his achievements in 2011, Deardorff has received numerous honors and recognition from the police department. They include letters of commendation, congratulatory letters, Distinguished Unit Citaitons and a marksmanship award. He was hired as a part-time police officer in 1998 and brought on full time in May 1999.

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