Friday, October 26, 2012

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

After last year's epic flooding from Tropical Storm Lee, we Elizabethtownians are no doubt a little skittish about the pending direct hit forcast for Hurricane Sandy.

Current projections for Hurricane Sandy indicate that Elizabethtown could see effects from high winds and heavy rain arriving by Monday.

The borough's maintenance crews spent today clearing out storm grates to prepare for the storm and control the potential for flooding. These efforts will continue next week as the storm progresses. In the past, many residents who have storm grates near their properties have monitored them and kept them free of debris. The borough is kindly asking that all of us do that again.

As for other precautions, the Weather Channel offers these tips on what to do before the storm. Don't forget to stock up on batteries and water. If you live in flood-prone areas you may want to move vehicles, wood piles, and other items likely to float away to higher ground if possible.

Please check in here at Chronicling Elizabethtown during the storm. Depending on the situation, especially if we have power, I'll provide updates as frequently as I get them.

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