Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What a taste test of Elizabethtown's water reveals

Earlier this year, the Elizabethtown Area Water Authority conducted a survey of its customers, with a vast majority (83 percent) of the 373 respondents reporting that they buy bottled water or filter the water that comes from the tap. Furthermore, 62 percent had concerns about the taste, smell and hardness of EAWA's water.
Because EAWA's water comes from five wells located throughout the Elizabethtown area and surface water treated at the water treatment plant, staff did some additional research into the location of the concerns. It turns out that the concerns are systemwide. 

So this month, the EAWA board (of which I am a member, representing the borough) decided to do a blind taste test of the water from the wells and the treatment plant. We did the test on Monday, Oct. 13, during our public board meeting.