Thursday, October 29, 2009

Public can comment on E-town area's regional comprehensive plan tonight

Elected officials from Elizabethtown and Conoy, Mount Joy and West Donegal townships will meet at 7:30 tonight receive public input and comment into a regional comprehensive plan. The meeting will take place in the Large Group Instruction room at the Elizabethtown Area High School.

Officials from all four municipalities have been meeting for nearly three years to develop the comprehensive plan. As the name implies, the plan takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of the greater Elizabethtown community, including transportation needs, where commercial and residential development should occur and recreation needs such as parks. Representatives from the local municipalities have been working with Lancaster County Planning Commission to ensure that the local plan meets the goals of the county's comprehensive plan.

While the plan is not a binding document, township supervisors and Borough Council will approve the plan by the end of the year. The intent is for the comprehensive plan to be a guide for elected officials and the administrative staffs in each municipality over the next 10 years.

Prior to the elected boards voting, each municipality's planning commission also will review the plan and vote either to recommend or not recommend that supervisors or Borough Council approve the plan. The Elizabethtown Planning Commission recommended approval at its meeting this month.

Gaining input from members of the public is a critical component because the the plan will help guide and influence decisions that will have an impact on residents for many years. If you can't attend tonight's meeting, I urge you to contact your councilman or supervisor to let your voice be heard.


  1. Can I view the comprehensive plan for the greater E-town area online?

  2. i'm with brixius... can we upload some place?

    without seeing it, though, i applaud intermunicipal cooperation. it makes so much sense when it comes to zoning and police/fire among other municipal issues.

  3. Not sure about finding the comp plan online, but let me check to see.


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