Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Defending E-town's honor takes on a life of its own

Last year, I made an appearance on the Lancaster-based podcast called The Lancast to defend Elizabethtown's honor as a town that can hold its own as a business friendly community. This came after co-host Daniel Klotz made an off-the-cuff remark in a previous podcast that businesses could find their legs in Elizabethtown and then move to the big leagues in Lancaster City.

That, obviously, didn't sit well with me. So I called out Daniel on his comments.

Now, it turns out that Daniel is leaving his duties as a co-host of The Lancast, and in his final episode this week there are some references to his comments and my confrontation. In particular, check out the last few minutes of the podcast in which Matt Wheeler does a parody song and incorporates the matter into the lyrics.

Indeed, defending Elizabethtown's honor in the county seat has taken on a life of its own.


  1. Jeff,

    We should entertain the possibility that there are elements of truth in both humor and off-the-cuff remarks. A random walk through downtown Etown tells us something different has to be done there, don't you think?

    ~ Jeff Marsico

  2. Jeff -- You make a good point, and I don't think anyone on Borough Council would deny that downtown E-town needs some help.

    The context of the comments on the podcast was about how the Fractured Prune moved to Lancaster. Host Daniel Klotz's off-the-cuff comment was how businesses could get their legs here in town and then move to Lancaster; essentially, E-town could be a feeder program for Lancaster. How is our town going to thrive if that's the intent of a business that opens? That was my point in calling out Daniel on his comment.

    By the way, Folklore is a great example of that theme in reverse. The owners lived in Lancaster, opened the business here and recently moved to E-town. *That* is exactly what we want for Elizabethtown, isn't it? If they see the value of opening a business here and relocating, I am hopeful that even more people will.


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