Monday, May 20, 2013

Do your civic duty and vote tomorrow

Sample ballot for Ward 2 in Elizabethtown
Tomorrow is Election Day for local and county offices and some judges. If history repeats itself, turnout for the election will be, in the words of pollster Dr. Terry Madonna, "anemic." It's troubling because these are the levels of government that have the most impact on people's daily lives.

But rather than get on a soap box, let's recap the election:

For better or worse, three people are running unopposed for Borough Council. They are incumbents J. Neil Ketchum and Dr. C. Dale Treese and newcomer Marc Hershey, treasurer of the Elizabethtown Fire Department. Hershey is running to fill the seat of Meade Bierly, who earlier this month was recognized by the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs for 40 years of service.

As a side note, I spent seven years as a newspaper reporter covering municipal meetings every Thursday night. When I left newspapers, I didn't know what to do on Thursday evenings. I wonder if Bierly will have similar thoughts.

In addition, Mayor Chuck Mummert is running unopposed for his second term.

The Lancaster County Board of Elections has a really cool sample ballot viewer on its website. If you're interested in seeing it before walking into the voting booth tomorrow, check it out. Simply click through to get to the right municipality and ward, if you live in the borough.

According to that ballot, just three people are running for four open seats on the Elizabethtown Area School Board. They are Jeffrey Phillips, Michelle J. Pelna and Robert S. Cronin Jr.

To reiterate: Don't forget to vote tomorrow. Voting is the cornerstone of our democratic republic.


  1. It's important to remember that for school board, someone will probably win that fourth nomination with a few dozen write-in votes. It's still possible to ask friends to write in a name.


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