Saturday, April 12, 2014

Artist looks forward to first time at Arts in the Park

Photo courtesy of Arts in the Park
As I noted recently, Arts in the Park is coming up May 10. Rather than just write about the event itself again, I contacted one of the artists to get his perspective.

After having worked in the corporate world for 35 years, Bob Cappelluti now owns and operates Riverbottom Pottery in Harrisburg.

In an email, he said this will be his first year exhibiting at Arts in the Park. Although he's heard that it's a small event, he's also heard that it's it has "folks that really appreciate original artwork from local artists."

From my perspective, that's a really nice compliment about us here in Elizabethtown.

He said he sees regular customers as part of the art show circuit, and he's hoping to add Arts in the Park to that circuit.

Bob Cappelluti
of Riverbottom  Pottery
Cappelluti's calls Riverbottom "a multifunctional pottery studio. We teach classes in wheel throwing, hand building and sculpture. We lease studio space to pottery artists that are looking for a studio to continue their work, we are also the only central PA distributor of all pottery supplies and equipment and we also feature a gallery/gift shop with original artwork and crafts from local artists."

On his website, he says he has "dabbled in charcoals, oils, sculpture and various other media. But it wasn’t until I started working with clay that I found a deep sense of satisfaction. Once you master the fundamentals, the rhythm of the wheel, the transformation of the clay from a nondescript hump, into a piece of art or functional pottery, you develop a sense of pride that cannot be measured. When you understand the clay enough to make it do what you want, rather than letting the clay drive the day, you can express yourself in your pieces, which makes it truly unique and personal."

Cappelluti describes his work as "simple, functional and reasonably priced so that everyone can enjoy. The real sense of accomplishment comes when someone admires your work enough to bring it into their home or share it with a friend or relative as a one of a kind gift."

If you make it to Arts in the Park, make sure to visit Riverbottom, or any of the other artists. A complete list of exhibitors on the Arts in the Park website.

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