Friday, March 20, 2015

Dinner this Sunday to raise money to help E-town's homeless

Over the past few weeks, I've seen some signs around town promoting a dinner this Sunday at 5 p.m. at Trellis Place on East High Street that will raise money to help homeless people in Elizabethtown. Now, you might think, "We don't have people sleeping on the street, so we don't have a problem with homeless people in Elizabethtown."

But did you read this story?

Further, there's what is called "situational homelessness," where someone doesn't have a place to live because, for instance, of a death or divorce. Some folks in the community have had some meetings about homelessness, and Jewel David Ministries has started a program called House of David to help people facing situational homelessness.

Following is some correspondence that Dolores Reidebach from Jewel David Ministries sent to some community leaders late this week about the lasagna dinner. Unfortunately, my family and I won't be in town, but I urge you to support this effort to help people in the community who face challenging circumstances.
Many of you have participated in our recent community meetings regarding the types of homelessness being experienced in Elizabethtown. Others, I know have a heart for the needy of our community.

Jewel David Ministries, with the help of a small group of committed volunteers,  is working hard to offer a homelessness intervention program called the House of David. The House of David, serves individuals and families that have previously been independent but suffered a situation (death, divorce, lost job, health issues, car accident) that caused them to lose their independence.  They have a desire and the ability to return to self-sufficiency but need a short term stabilization program. 

The House of David provides a six month program of support for goals planning (mentors), budget training/savings and therapeutic counseling for emotional losses or grief.

The program is financially intensive ($1500/month per family for six months) as House of David provides a fully furnished apartment for about $200month to the family.  The House of David/JDM covers the balance of the rental (HOD rents an apartment in the community-we do not own a property), all of the utilities and insurances. The purpose of the program based approach and the housing support  is to allow the individual/family to save, reunite in some cases and work on goals with an encouraging team to get back out there and reassert their independence in our community.
To date, House of David has served five families in the past 18 months.  This is a labor of love and needs the full support of our entire community. We are helping our own.

All this to say, this Sunday, March 22, we have planned and advertised a Lasagna fundraising dinner to raise the much needed funds to continue this very important program.

Unfortunately, we have had little community response or support despite the sincere interest of many in our community.

Please accept this as my personal invitation to attend the dinner or financially support this very important community program.
If you are able to join us, please email back or call me (717) 418-1792.  I would love to see you!

Thank you so much for engaging and caring about those that live among us with needs that sometimes appear invisible to us. I believe that
a community like Elizabethtown, is rich in generosity and can impact the world by caring for its own community.

Be Blessed



Sunday, March 22 @5pm
Trellis Place @ 153 E. High St, Elizabethtown PA
Homemade Lasagna and desserts, salad, bread and even Lasagna soup!

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