Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Add phone numbers to ensure emergency notifications

During last months snowstorms, Elizabethtown residents received automated phone calls from the Swift911 service to announce a snow emergency and information related to impact the storms had on services such as trash removal.

By and large, the system worked very well. Speaking from personal experience, I picked up the phone and heard the first message in its entirety. I was pleased to know that the message looped so that anyone could hear the whole thing.

Now, the borough is asking all residents to make sure their phone numbers in the database are accurate. This really is critical, especially in these times when many people don't have traditional phone service and use just cell phones. By filling out the form at the link above, residents can add more than one or two phone numbers to ensure they receive important emergency notifications. They also can opt to include a phone number where they can receive text messages.


  1. I just want to commend the Boro for their snow removal efforts. I lived in the city of Lancaster for 25 years and in major storms the removal effort was a diaster. E-town's workers did an outstanding job.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I thought we did a good job, too. Having worked in Harrisburg for about 10 years, and now working in Lancaster, I have experienced similar things.


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