Friday, March 19, 2010

Delegation from E-town's sister city vists borough

A delegation from Letterkenny, Ireland, visited Elizabethtown this week between St. Patrick's Day parades in Philadelphia and New York City. Letterkenny is Elizabethtown's sister city, and the two towns established ties in the last decade.

In the accompanying photo, from left, are Jimmy Harte, Letterkenny's deputy mayor; Mayor Jim Lynch; and the Town Clerk Paddy Doherty.

Their visit to Elizabethtown was just a few hours on Monday, giving them an opportunity to meet with Mayor Chuck Mummert, Borough Manager Roni Ryan and Assistant Borough Manager Cindy Foster. They also had lunch at Elizabethtown College, where they met with Beth Bergman from the Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce and some college officials.

Mummert reported at this week's Borough Council meeting that the Irish visitors would like to establish some trade ties with Elizabethtown by having businesses send goods and products to sell. There are some obvious ties, thanks to the M&M/Mars factory here, and E-town College might be able to promote some of its sweatshirts and other clothing.

There are any number of smaller businesses, too. I'm thinking about Spence Candies, which produces delicious handmade candy, or any others that can make a solid connection to Elizabethtown. If you have any other ideas about businesses that might want to export goods to Ireland, let me know, or follow the link to the Chamber of Commerce above and give them a call.

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