Monday, October 5, 2009

New coffee shop to hold grand opening Friday

A new coffee shop called Folklore Coffee & Company is slated to hold a "historic grand opening" from 5 to 9 p.m. Friday. The shop is located at 5 Center Square, where the former Moose's 5&10 and the General Store were located. Another coffee shop operated there about seven years ago.

Folklore's owners are promoting the grand opening via a Facebook event page.

This is very good news for downtown Elizabethtown, which by many accounts has been struggling in recent years. Mayor Robert Brain indicated recently that several new businesses were planning to open, and Folklore could be the thing to give the downtown a jump start, just like a breakfast blend in the morning.

As a coffee lover, a resident of this community and a member of Borough Council, I really want to see Folklore establish itself and become an anchor for downtown business.


  1. Thanks for your blog post Jeff . Its exciting to see and hear some buzz about this new coffee shop in Elizabethtown. It's interesting to see several of the smaller communities in Lancaster County supporting small locally owned cafes. These spaces provide a great forum for community dialog and even inexpensive "night spots" when everyone has less money for a night out.
    Hope this espresso bar gets a great start on Friday! See you there!

  2. Justin -- the grand opening is one of the reasons I started Chronicling Elizabethtown. And from a personal standpoint, I'm very excited that a new coffee shop is opening. I plan to do my part to make it successful!

  3. Jeff, as another coffee lover I, too, am excited about this opening! I would love to hear how the mayor and the borough council is planning to make Elizabethtown a more attractive place for busnesses to open.

  4. Jeff,
    I was looking on the borough websight checking the dates for the leaf pick up. I came across your blogs. Just wanted to let you know I think its great that you are doing this. I found it to be very informative to whats going on. It is obvious that you care about our community. I think you will do a great job for Elizabethtown.


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